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HELP OUT MY FRIENDS/COMRADES Rebel Diaz and RDACBX who went out to Ferguson to support the uprising:

RDACBX organized a delegation to head out to Ferguson, MO on Thursday, August 14th. We need your support to cover transportation/gas, food, and lodging. We will be in solidarity with the protesters and doing media work this weekend. 

Any monetary support you can provide will help us get to Ferguson and back home to The South Bronx.





It’s a go! Fuckit. Fuck the rain. If we get rained on and we gotta shut down we WILL HAVE ANOTHER MEET UP NEXT WEEKEND ASWELL!!! Just for y’all. If u can shoot me an email and let me know if ur comig thru so I can get an idea —_>

It’s that time again!! The POC (people of color) meet up crew is having another gathering this summer! Same location as last year!
Hosted by @subconsciouscelebrity

Saturday August 2nd @12:00 until
( If severe rain/bad weather we will postpone and meet 8/3/14

118th st and morningside Ave in west Harlem. @Morningside Park
Trains: A,C,B, & D to 125th st. or
C&B to 116th st.

What to expect: fun in the sun discussing a multitude of topics and sharing knowledge to raise consciosness with young, positive, vibrant, melanated ppls.
Come hang out and build with many of the faces behind the people you follow on tumblr & Instagram!
Afterwards we will be walking to uptown juice bar (vegan restaurant) for food. Feel free to Byob (food, drinks, snacks, blanket in case we sit in the grass, whatever u like.

To see past meetups and info Follow our tumblr @
or email me @
#pocmeetup3 #pocmeetup


bring refreshmentz like fruit, mixed nuts, snacks, etc!

HELP WANTED: poor, unemployed, in debt, and organizing for social change




hey all, so i’ve been really struggling financially as every poor and working class person of color is in this world. i’m really in a tight position because i help my mother take care of my autistic brother at home. that means i can only work part-time (more details here)

in the meantime i am…

I can’t afford to donate anything myself…but BOOOOOOOST


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