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need some help


so i’m filling out a W4 form for a new job, and i need some help! cuz i can never figure these things out written in legalese and ive always been fucked over. i’ve gotten some responses from folks but i wana see where other ppl are at.

Q: what do you put so that you get the most $ and they take out the least taxes?
Q: what do you put so you get taxed later rather than now (and vise versa)?

Q: what is the usual rule of thumb for these things?!



ATTENTION! i’m running on my last reserve of $avings, and still unemployed. desperately looking for income.

if you or someone you know needs individual or group photoshoots for events, bdays, etc etc please let me know. below is some of my work online. rates start at $30/hr. if you dont know anyone, please help and reblog, and see if others need a photographer. thanks!

Flickr @Jay_Esphotography


From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education

The California student movement has a slogan that goes, “Behind every fee hike, a line of riot cops.” And no one embodies that connection more than the Ronald Reagan of the 1960s.

When Reagan assumed office, he immediately set about doing exactly what he had promised. He cut state funding for higher education, laid the foundations for a shift to a tuition-based funding model, and called in the National Guard to crush student protest, which it did with unprecedented severity. But he was only able to do this because he had already successfully shifted the political debate over the meaning and purpose of public higher education in America.

It’s important to remember this chapter in California history because it may, in retrospect, have signaled the beginning of the end of public higher education in the United States as we’d known it.


Prince Is Releasing Two Albums on the Same Day

Prince will talk and talk about releasing new albums and new songs, but you just never know with this guy.

Well, now he’s coming through on his promises and then some, announcing last night that he will be releasing two albums in about one month’s time.

He’ll be releasing a solo album called Art Official Age, and another called Plectrum Electrum with 3rd Eye Girl. We’ve already heard “The Breakdown" and "Breakfast Can Wait,” and now he also has "Clouds" for your consideration.

Both albums come out on September 29, making this fall the perfect time to wear that one purple lightweight jacket you bought. [Read More]

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